Product & VISION

Product & VISION

Gaming keyboard

Gaming industry requires the most stabilized and sensitive input device. Our expertise in manufacturing high quality keyboard and mouse is unsurpassed. We delivered the best service with reasonable price to our customers worldwide.


With the rise of AR/MR, the future trend is bound to move towards the combination of the virtual and real world. We have already stepped into this field and have breakthrough technologies, hoping to seize the opportunity in the market.


Users can have an immersive experience with our Styluses on MPP Touch devices. Since they offer superior tilt and precise pressure variation (4096 levels) that will provide different effects on writing/drawing strokes and consequently increase the amount of creative freedom and detail available.


Introduce the most advanced energy storage system(ESS) technology, provide energy system integration and construction in residential, commercial, and industrial fields. Making a contribution to energy conservation and carbon reduction of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.


Established 70+ Years


Client Across 5 Continents


40+ Years Production Experience


3000+ Global Employees

About Solidyear

Company Profile

Solidyear was established in December 1978. It is a mold manufacturer specializing in mold design and manufacture. It has accumulated more than 40 years of experience in the production of various single-shot and double-shot plastic injection products. All kinds of high-quality computer peripherals and electronic products.

We have more than 40 years of practical experience and a professional and lean R&D technical team. At the same time, we also have a production factory with excellent manufacturing experience in China, which is a well-known and excellent leader in the industry. The future vision will be to design, look forward to the aging of the social structure, improve automation and reduce manpower for electronic daily necessities, and design, develop and produce multi-functional products, reduce environmental waste, work hard for the living environment of human beings, and contribute to the environmental protection of the earth.