Company Vision and Goals

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Company Vision and Goals

Solid Year Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978. It is a time-honored company with professional and technical experience. It started from a traditional small mold processing factory in Xiushui Township, Changhua County, Taiwan. Now it has transformed into a company with independent design and development capabilities, realizing its own brand. With a production base in China and Taiwan and work with top teir customers all over the world, it has grown steadily and grown into a leading Solid Year Group in the industry.

Solid Year Group's vision is to

1. Integrity (integrity cooperation, challenge the new generation in the future)

2. Proactive (active, facing global competition)

3. Innovation (specialize in innovation, dare to change the status quo)

4. Sharing (sustainable sharing, dividends benefit with employees)

The goal of Solid Year Group is based on "technology-based", and "cultivating talents" is sustainable development. We value and cherish talents, with the rapid and diversified changes in the technology industry, Solid Year Group is constantly improving and continuously training elite technical talents to design and manufacture excellent products, and to innovate and develop products with world competitiveness continually .

As Solid Year Group sustainable management, it regards cultivating talents as an indispensable corporate competitiveness. In addition to thinking about creating an unparalleled experience for consumers, it also creates infinite possibilities on sustainable issues. We will continue to listen to the voices of all parties and combine The business philosophy of the enterprise and sustainable behavior is to achieve the business philosophy of becoming one of the world-class green high-tech leader and making a real contribution to human society.

Expectation and Encouragement Solid Year colleagues

1. Face each day with gratitude hard

2. Use positive actions to manage every day

3. Tomorrow can only be achieved through innovation and breakthrough

Elements of Business Success

New: innovative breakthrough, innovation and change

Speed: Efficient management, quick compliance

Practical: Pragmatic and truth-seeking, keep improving

Simplify: Simplify the complex